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Professional Home Inspection Services. Cofer Real Estate Inspections performs new and existing home inspections for the greater Dallas area.

Buyer Inspections

Having a home inspection will help solidify your decision to purchase

Purchasing a home could be one of your largest financial and life's decision.  When you find that perfect home make sure it is actually perfect with a home inspection by Cofer Real Estate Inspections.  Having your future home inspected will show you the condition of the home at the time of the inspection.  It is an unbiased, objective report that covers the visible and accessible systems and components of a house including the

  • Foundation 
  • Exterior and Interior Walls 
  • Grading and Drainage 
  • Attic
  • Roof 
  • Basements and Crawl Spaces 
  • Stairs 
  • Windows and Doors 
  • Garages and Carports 
  • Floors 
  • Ceilings 
  • Fireplaces 
  • Decks 
  • HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical
  • Built-in Appliances.  
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