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Professional Home Inspection Services. Cofer Real Estate Inspections performs new and existing home inspections for the greater Dallas area.


Home tips from your local Dallas Fort Worth Home Inspector

3 Reasons To Have a Home Inspection

Julian Cofer

Thorough Evaluation of an Investment

Prior to purchasing a stock or bond you ask questions, read quarterly stock reports, watch the ups and downs on Wall Street. All for just a few thousand dollars. But when you purchase a home for hundreds of thousands you go in no questions asked only to find out it needs thousands more in repairs after you are locked in. Upset?  Absolutely!  A home inspection will do the research on the home for you to find out its current condition. Is it appreciating or depreciating? Does it need serious updating or minor repairs?  Protect your home investment with a home inspection


Saving Money

Having an inspection on a home can save you money.  Potentially thousands! The home inspector uncovers unseen mold damage in the crawlspace, who goes down there anyway.  Most home inspectors won’t do it unless they get an extra fee.  I however will do it at no additional cost.   The HVAC unit is close to 20 years old.  Mold remediation can cost hundreds and replacing any damage can put that number into the thousands.  Replacing your HVAC unit will cost you several thousand as well.  Knowing these facts ahead of time will allow you to request repairs or seller concessions at closing even the haggling ability for a price reduction of the home.


Knowledge About Your Home

Taking the time to have a home inspection, regardless of the findings, gives you a better understanding of the home you want to build your life in.  Where is the main water shutoff? The location of the air filter, is it in the attic or on the return air grill?  Condition of the roofing materials. How much insulation is in the attic and if adding more is beneficial.  You’ll learn the ages of major components such as the water heater and cooling equipment.  Knowing these facts will let you determine how and when you make repairs or prepare for major renovations.

What are you waiting for?  Pick up your phone and call 469-450-0020.  Try it, I’ll bet you get an awesome home inspector on the other end.


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. If you like what you have read stay tuned for more to come.  When you need a Home Inspection please give me a call to schedule one. Cofer Real Estate Inspections serves Dallas and Fort Worth including surrounding cities. I provide home inspections for buyers and sellers as well as Warranty and Maintenance Inspections.