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Home tips from your local Dallas Fort Worth Home Inspector

Get Ready For Spring

Julian Cofer

With spring right around the corner, Texas brings on some wild weather patterns. Right now I am wearing shorts basking in the sun, but next week I may be sitting in the winter apocalypse.  Take advantage of this wonderful weather and knock out a few to do items for the spring. 


Let Your Home Breath

Turn off the heater and open the windows to bring in some fresh air. All those oil warmers and candles burned during the holidays dump a ton of chemicals in the air and drastically reduce your indoor air quality.  Bringing in fresh air will help remove stale odors and bad air that accumulate over the winter. Doing this whenever the outside temperature is comfortable will increase your indoor air quality and help decrease your utility bills.


Clean the Gutters

Face it, you have been putting this one off for a long time.  I know I have, and with trees in the yard it seems like a daily task. Spring brings torrents of rain and those blocked gutters will be useless if you don’t clear them out.  Grab a ladder and bucket or just toss the muck into your yard and mix it in the grass.  It is mostly dirt and decomposed leaves.  If you have a ton of roof granules in there you will be better off dumping it in the trash.


Spruce Up the Yard

Now would be a good time to pick up any leaves that didn’t make the cut in the fall. Give the grass a spritz of water.  Winter is a very dry time of the year and with it being cold you wouldn’t think watering would matter.  Texas hasn’t seen any rain, snow or ice (YET) in a while, so your grass is pretty thirsty without any of that delicious H2O.  If you didn’t trim your trees in the fall, now would be the time before they start greening again.  I would wait to put in some color until after the official last freeze if we get one that is.


Exterior Repairs

Work on the exterior. Fix any broken items. Knock off the dust and give it some touch up paint.  The outside of your home gets severely neglected during the winter because who wants to work out in the cold.  Have your home evaluated to find out what may need to be repaired. You wouldn’t want any minor fixes turning into major repairs. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. If you like what you have read stay tuned for more to come.  When you need a Home Inspection please give me a call to schedule one. Cofer Real Estate Inspections serves Dallas and Fort Worth including surrounding cities. I provide home inspections for buyers and sellers as well as Warranty and Maintenance Inspections.