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Professional Home Inspection Services. Cofer Real Estate Inspections performs new and existing home inspections for the greater Dallas area.


Home tips from your local Dallas Fort Worth Home Inspector

Beware the Scammers

Julian Cofer

This morning I thought it was my lucky day to inspect a beautiful home in South Dallas.  The request didn't come via phone call or email but through a text message. The flags get thrown immediately, and out of curiosity I continue the conversation to see what would happen. I took the screen shots of the conversation for your enjoyment and to let you know these scammers are getting crafty. Be careful about what info you give to others. The address I was given for the inspection was an actual home for sale in Dallas. Hence it being blocked out to protect the homeowner. The scammer however, has not been able to produce a name for the listing agent, his/her realtor or even the home owner’s name. I, being the crafty inspector, did my own research and confirmed that the home was not under contract and in the process was able to open up more potential business from an entire brokerage office. Thank you scammer!  To all those that come across these scams be careful. I know that I could have ignored this and it would have gone away. I chose to continue on with the texts to bring to light how these people scam and try to make their money so that others will not be duped.  **Note: no money was exchanged and no inspection was performed.**

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. If you like what you have read stay tuned for more to come.  When you need a Home Inspection please give me a call to schedule one. I am a licensed Professional Home Inspector serving Dallas, Texas and surrounding cities. I provide home inspections for buyers and sellers as well as Warranty and Maintenance Inspections.